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Remote Utilities - Server 5.210

Remote Utilities can connect over either a LAN or the Internet
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This is the server-side app that powers the Remote Utilities suite. The suite lets you connect to another computer over your home network or the Internet; you can see another computer's screen and input data using your mouse and keyboard as if you were there. Two apps make this solution work. The server gets installed on the computer that you want to control, and the viewer can be used on any other Windows computer to connect to the server.

The server doesn't really have a user interface. It does have quite a few settings that you can play with to enhance the experience and improve the security, however. The Server runs in the system tray, from where you can access a few different features. If you right-click on the app's icon, you will be able to change the server's settings or enable or change your Internet ID. This Internet ID is ideal for users behind routers or firewalls. It allows you to connect to your computer via the Internet without knowing your IP address.

Security is an important part in software like this. And Remote Utilities seem to care about it. They provide different ways for the user to log in, either using the built-in protocols or WinNT's. There is also IP filtering, which is really great. You can set it to allow everyone except an IP address, or the other way around.

The server app is of course the most important part of the suite, but it doesn't get much attention since it is always running hidden.

José Fernández
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